corona virus and remote
March 18, 2020

Challenges of CoronaVirus with Kids’ home

By tokslaw

With coronavirus, in existence and its panic, families and school are limiting and relying on kids studies remotely via technology.CoreGrade is an independent educational platform with excellent track progress to help individuals develop new skills and keep track of their education.
Keeping track of kids’ learning in this present situation is challenging. How can this be managed? it’s the question that pops in every parent’s subconscious. Creating a realistic schedule is an option, although it can’t be effective without close monitoring.

Creating schedule and intercommunication of studying among peers is very key at this point as it keeps them connected to each other and minimizes disorganization.

This no deadline situation has put a lot of parents on edge, nervous on them wanting to do it all: parent, work and teach kids all at once but will tell you these don’t put yourselves on undue pressure as you can’t do it all at once, relying on technology, educating apps, and help from families will come in handy.

It is a responsibility of parents to recognize the level of self-discipline,role-modelling their kids are exposed to with their stay at home as a level of separation with work, parenting and teaching kids has to be reached and maintained.