May 3, 2020

Create a self-sufficient routine during COVID-19 pandemic

By tokslaw

Create a self-sufficient study routine 

Self-learning in this 21st century is mostly digital now. From personal experience, what you learn or discover by self is the most retaining knowledge one can entail. Wondering what to do during this COVID -19 time, having had a routine, did it, now, somewhat bored with the whole repeat. 

Here’s a thought, commence self-learning, start teaching yourself new skills without pressure arousing from anything. This present time and would I say, any moment like this that emulates boredom, tiredness or too repetitive routine or what you are feeling right now, learning by self is a way to start.

Create a self-motivating and cultivating study time. Make it all about you, create your schedule, when you want to study, make a time, follow it adherely, keep in mind, your comfort study time-This helps you to crave for review daily when the study mood is up and running, thus learning is activated.

A trip down memory lane, we were all taught how to button our outfits one way or another, but you had your tweaks to make it much easier for you because we did know it was going to be needed all through the life span, so we learnt. This is an excellent example of how to integrate the memory lane trip into how you will cultivate a self-sustaining routine and habits with positive results of learning a new skill or trade. A simple tweak to your study time, and it’s becomes a part of you.

We create time to watch Netflix, play our games, swim, all forms of relaxation. Do the same! , make your learning of a new skill become a part of your leisure. Learning is fun; there is a discovery every day and new things to be learnt. Acquired knowledge is power, most notably when used and learning gives you that!